Genesis: Creation and Context

In my previous post, I laid out a positive, scientific argument for a Creator entity that looks remarkably like the God of the Bible. However, there will be some Christians, particularly Evangelicals, who wouldn't be entirely happy with that case. Why? Because it depends on the modern cosmology that says that the universe is nearly … Continue reading Genesis: Creation and Context

Finding God Through Science

Once upon a time, an atheist was someone who simply didn't believe in God. And while those still exist, they've become increasingly drowned out by the "new atheists" and "anti-theists"--a breed that proselytizes as aggressively as any member of the Watchtower. Except where your average JW is nice and polite and easy to like, the … Continue reading Finding God Through Science

Yeshua: The Living Torah

The following is an article that I originally wrote for over ten years ago. Since I have recently received some inquiries about it and am no longer affiliated with HebrewRoot or its host ministry, I thought it best that I reproduce it here. I've cleaned up a few typos and made a few alterations … Continue reading Yeshua: The Living Torah

Why Was Yeshua Immersed?

Then Yeshua came from Galilee to the Jordan to Yochanan, to be immersed by him. But Yochanan would have hindered him, saying, “I need to be immersed by you, and you come to me?” But Yeshua, answering, said to him, “Allow it now, for this is the fitting way for us to fulfill all righteousness.” Then … Continue reading Why Was Yeshua Immersed?

Prophecy in the NT, 4th Principle: Puns and Place Names

The name of a place in Scripture is often vital to understanding a prophecy. But when he [Joseph] heard that Archelaus was reigning over Judea in place of his father Herod, he was afraid to go there, and being warned in a dream he withdrew to the district of Galilee. And he went and lived in … Continue reading Prophecy in the NT, 4th Principle: Puns and Place Names

Prophecy in the New Testament – 1st Through 3rd Principles in the “Voice in Ramah”

Understanding the history behind geographic locations is often key to understanding a prophecy. This post has been a bit delayed, in part because of the elections (which I've commented on elsewhere, but don't intend to on this blog), and in part because it's taken me a while to figure out how best to attack Matthew 2:16-18: … Continue reading Prophecy in the New Testament – 1st Through 3rd Principles in the “Voice in Ramah”