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Rabbi Mikha’el (Michael) Bugg was raised within the Christian faith and after a period of backsliding in his teens, dedicated his life completely to the L-RD in 1998 after a family crisis revealed to him the shallowness of his former faith. Shortly thereafter, he received his call to ministry and began studying the Scriptures and leading a small-group Bible study in earnest.

In 2002, Michael experienced his first Pesach (Passover) Seder when Rabbi Scott Sekulow was invited to his home church, and it was this, in combination with realizing the true import of Mattityahu (Matthew) 5:17-20 and discovering the writings of David H. Stern, which led to a radical change in his life as he discovered the joys of the Torah.

In 2004, on the Feast of Sukkot, Michael discovered the Congregation of Beth HaMashiach, where he was taken under the generous tutelage of Rabbi Gavri’el. In 2006, he was licensed as a Messianic minister and given responsibility for the congregation’s prison and teen ministries.

In 2009, he married and became both a husband and a father. While Michael’s own Jewish heritage is somewhat muddled (he cannot claim that his mother is Jewish, nor was he raised in the synagogue), his wife and therefore his children are fully Jewish, and his son was circumcised by an Orthodox rabbi on the eighth day in recognition of this. In short, he said to his wife, “Your people shall be my people,” and formally proselytized several months before proposing as his commitment to raise his children in a Jewish household.

On October 30, 2010, Michael graduated from the yeshiva of the Union of Conservative Messianic Jewish Synagogues and was formally ordained as a rabbi within that organization. Three years later, he completed a three-year internship under Rabbi Gavri’el Moreno-Bryars and began laying the groundwork for Reforging the Menorah (RtM) Ministries. He has departed from Congregation Beth HaMashiach and is currently taking a sabbatical from active ministry while working on a book which will be the cornerstone of his new ministry.

Email:  michael.bugg@gmail.com

Introductory Articles
Messiah, Son of Joseph
Ben Joseph and His Brothers


15 Replies to “About the Author”

  1. Your articles are intrigiuing, and I look forwart to reading them. We must all be prepared for the battle. And you are dutifully walking in G-d’s path to prepare us for that.
    G-d Bless You ,


  2. I was profoundly impressed with Rabbi Mike the first time I heard him speaking on a Radio Show over two years ago. I instantly knew that I was destined to work with him because I had such an instant love for the man. In the time since I first heard him on the radio, Rabbi Mike and myself have done a good deal of the LORD’s work together. I hope to work with him in the future. You can hear the shows we have done; some at http://ironshow.com and some at http://fringeradionetwork.com
    Johnny of the IRON SHOW

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m listening to you as I write this. Good job. Good good good job! I am very impressed with your intuitive spirit and humility. These two combined are hard to find! Blessings from Taiwan, dear brother.


  4. Rabbi Mike! Read your paper on how Jesus was in fact, able to inherit Joseph’s Royal Lineage even though he was adopted. Your 3 examples of how this had occurred in the Old Testament really supported your position. Please continue writing and speaking. I am a messianic Jew ( a Kohanim) and constantly battle those who don’t believe that a Jew becomes MORE JEWISH once he believes in Yeshua! Blessings to you!


  5. Hmm, why do you say “G-d” and “L-RD” when Yahweh has clearly invited us to call Him by name? Why do you cut off intimacy with Him when that’s specifically what He’s called us to?


    1. Short version: The head rabbi of that organization and I came to an impasse over changes in the synagogue’s theology and practice that I could no longer support in good conscience. The result was a split down the middle of the congregation that was painful for everyone involved. Beyond that, I prefer not to elaborate.


  6. You know him who is true… 1John
    Continue in what you know and have been taught and commit that to me and others.
    Enjoy the presence of Him who’s wings you have taken refuge, Praise Jesus!


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