I Have a Patreon Page!

As my long-time readers and those who have met me know, I’ve run a tent-making ministry from the very beginning. While I agree that those who teach the Gospel should receive support for it (1Co. 9:14), I’ve always held down a full-time job, only occasionally drawing a secondary income from book sales or speaking gigs. As a result, over the last couple of years, my productivity has gone way down due to my time constraints. Given the fairly large archives, there’s still a lot here to offer, but I’d like to do more.

Patron Checkout-2017-05-19 14_34_27I’m currently in a position where I have more time on my hands, but need to better support my family. Therefore I’m asking my readers to prayerfully consider supporting my Patreon page. My goals are modest: I’m not asking you to help support my personal jet. I’m asking for just a bit of help so that I can both pay the bills and to continue to purchase the research materials that I need for both this blog and for a book that I’m currently working on. My initial goal is to raise $500 a month in return for consistently producing two posts a week. If we meet that, I have some further goals in mind that I think you’ll enjoy supporting.

Thank you in advance for your support, and shalom uv’rekhah (peace and blessings),

Michael Bugg

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