Blog Recommendation: Sleepwalker’s Row


A good friend of mine from synagogue just started a new blog and I wanted to show him some love. I think his own introduction says it best:

phil_trans_-_illuminated_capital_-_in which a lifelong insomniac, artist, and breakthrough junkie launches a public thought-lab at the behest of several friends. History will be recovered. Food critiqued. Books reviewed. Art created. Stories told. Ideas written. Guns fired. Photos taken. Futures pondered. Sumer rebuilt. Athens revived. Jerusalem transfigured. England saved. Videos shot. Pods cast.

Since he doesn’t seem to want to publish his name on his site, I won’t give it away, but I can tell you that the Sleepwalker is a devotee of both the Bible and the classics, combining the two together in an incredibly thoughtful way that brings new insight to the Bible as both history and literature. My best wishes and prayers for him in this new endeavor!


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