San Bernadino Shooting Victim Was a Messianic Jew

Ner Yarzheit

From Arutz Sheva:

One of the 14 victims in the San Bernardino shooting spree Wednesday night identified as Jewish – and he received threats for being a “Zionist” less than 24 hours before the attack.

Nicholas Thalasinos, 52, received threats on Facebook on Tuesday from an anti-Semitic man in Ukraine, after Thalasinos posted pro-Israel messages, CNN reports.

His wife Jennifer told local news her husband, a health inspector for San Bernardino County, identified as a conservative Messianic Jew – a Christian sect which practices Jewish rites – and may have been targeted for his beliefs. He often went to work wearing a red kippah, a tallit, and a Star of David.

May the Holy One welcome his servant home, and grant peace to his widow.

One Reply to “San Bernadino Shooting Victim Was a Messianic Jew”

  1. after arguing that Islam is a religion of peace…. the man laughed and returned only 20 minutes later in full armor regalia along with his wife ready to slaughter the party…. 2 hours an 20 minutes maybe … if you weren’t already set up that is.


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