Iron Show Archives and a Possible YouTube venture

LIVE-IRON-63-mp3-image-290x160A quick update for those who listen to Johnny, Matthew Miller, and me rocking out on The Iron Show: We have (apparently) a new archive location where you can find the latest shows: .

We’ve been working our way through the book of Judges (Shoftim) together, discovering all sorts of Messianic archetypes and demonstrations of spiritual warfare. Since the new job is taking so much of my time, it’s my chief outlet for teaching these days (though I still update here when I get a chance).

I’m also considering posting some stuff to a YouTube channel I set up a long time ago and then never did anything with. It’ll basically be a screencast, letting me show you what I’m referring to in the original languages, how to do searches, and so on. If anyone has any experience with such a venture, I’d appreciate your insight.



One Reply to “Iron Show Archives and a Possible YouTube venture”

  1. HEY BROTHER! I uploaded the 1st Fringianity Fellowship podcast to my youtube, and my sister and I are planning to start uploading Iron Shows to Youtube as we heard he lost many shows before. What a shame! So if you still mean business, let me know! God bless you!


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