Being Fed

No Iron Show tonight, and we’re sorry about that. Johnny’s got a problem with his eye. I’m telling you, the guy just can’t catch a break. He’s going to have some amazing treasure stored up in heaven when this is all done, because he certainly isn’t getting his reward here. Hopefully everyone will keep him in prayer.

One of the best Christian novels ever, along with its prequel, The Facade.
One of the best Christian novels ever, along with its prequel, The Facade.

I’ve been trying to find the time to write a well-thought-out, researched article for weeks now, and it just doesn’t seem to be coming. On the other hand, I’m getting plenty of reading in during my lengthy daily commute: In addition to several novels (including Dr. Heiser’s The Portent, which you really should run out and read if you haven’t already), I’ve re-read the David Flynn Collection, and read Sinister Forces – The Nine, Stories from Ancient Canaan, The Mythic Mind: Essays on Cosmology and Religion in Ugaritic and Old Testament Literature, and about 2/3rds of Bruce Malina’s On the Genre and Message of Revelation: Star Visions and Sky Journeys. I’ve also been catching up on my blogs and podcasts.

I’ve got a number of half-started articles and lots of new notes going into my good ol’ wide-margin Bible, but I can’t seem to get out any finished copy.

So basically, I seem to be in a quiet time of feeding rather than an active time of teaching. I think Hashem is both refreshing me and giving me time to absorb what I need before I do the next big work. He’s letting me do the Iron Show because a) it really does reach a lot of people who need solid Biblical teaching, but b) I learn as much or more from Matthew Miller as I ever teach, and c) it gives me a place to shoot from the hip a bit, just to talk about the Word without feeling like I have to have every i dotted and every t crossed.

So my apologies that I don’t have a lot of new posts on the blog, but while it’s quiet now, it won’t be forever. I just have to let the Spirit lead and wait for my Lord’s timing, and sit at the feet of Yeshua in the meantime.

Shalom and thanks.

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