Hanging Out On the Iron Show

IronShowLogoFor those who didn’t know, I’ve been doing sporadic appearances on Johnny McMahon’s The Iron Show for some time now, often sitting with Matthew Millar as we work our way through various books of the Bible–at least, when we stay on-topic, which isn’t often. Johnny took a break for a while due to oral surgery, and I took a break due to personal matters, but we’re back and in the swing of things.

Right now we’re (allegedly) going through the book of Judges. Our first entry from two weeks ago is available in the archives, and last night’s show–which the Spirit took in some wonderfully unscripted directions–should be up soon.

Warning: The Iron Show is not recommended for listeners who like their Bible teaching quiet and inoffensive. Side effects of listening to the Iron Show include conviction, repentance, obsession with ancient texts, a desire to learn Hebrew, loss of sleep for those on the East Coast, reverence, irreverence, being on the fringe, wearing fringes, rocking out, irritating your pastor with weird questions, loving sinners, hating sin, tipping better, sharing the Gospel, philo-Semitism, a craving for matzah, the sudden desire to make a pilgrimage to Israel, believing in Yeshua the Messiah, being born again, receiving the Holy Spirit, and a changed life. Women who may be pregnant should not listen to The Iron Show unless they want their sons to have hair on their chests. If you experience sudden bleeding from the ears, turn down the volume and consult your doctor after you finish listening to the show.

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