500th Post: On Milestones and Markers

I’ve been doing a bit of clean-up on this blog, mostly trying to get the articles sorted into neat, easy-to-use categories and hunting down orphaned ideas to follow up on. In the process, I happened to glance at the post counter: 499 posts.

That makes this one #500.


Now I’ll grant that there are plenty of blogs out there with post counts in the thousands–and that I could be celebrating #1000 now if I didn’t keep taking time off. You can blame my kids for that one. But 500 is a pretty nifty milestone to pass all the same.

As those who have been keeping up with me on this blog, Facebook, or actually knowing me are aware, it’s been a tumultuous few months for me. Frankly, it’s been an emotionally and spiritually trying time as well.

I’ve taken some Godly advice to step back from ministry until I and my family have had a chance to rest and recuperate, which is why I’ve not said anything more about Reforging the Menorah since some of the initial announcements. I’ll be doing a bit of work on the background stuff that goes into such an endeavor (and you’ll see some of that design work appearing on the website as we go).

Those who I have sought for advice have encouraged me to continue writing, so I’ll be focused on getting the book Reforging the Menorah completed and shopping it around to publishers. Since this blog is basically where I publish the first draft of my thoughts, you’ll be seeing the book in pieces as I go.

So, a slightly early Happy Purim to everyone, shalom, and God bless!

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