A Belated Thankshanugivingkah Everyone!



3 Replies to “A Belated Thankshanugivingkah Everyone!”

  1. Hey Michael,

    Your a busy man. 2 questions. How can I get your book? ALSO, have you had a chance to check out the work of Russ Houck. He’s making waves in the podcast world with Rob Skiba. Thought you’d be an excellent person to comment on his work.


    1. Shalom, Lincoln. How goes the vampire hunting? ;)

      I’m presently working on a revision and re-edit of When the Stars Fall, and will be re-releasing it after that’s finished. The work’s been a bit slow due to a new baby and a second on the way, some computer issues (now cleared up), and wanting to work in some of the material going into another book I’m working on entitled Reforging the Menorah. I hope to have When the Stars Fall back out early next year, and Reforging out by the summer.

      I’m afraid that I’ve not had a chance to familiarize myself with Russ Houck. I’ll see if I can find the time to go through Skiba’s podcasts to get a feel for him in the near future.

      Thanks for writing and Shalom!


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