Blog Recommendation: Replacing Replacement Theology

Many thanks to the Rosh Pina Project for introducing me to a new blog today: Replacing Replacement Theology.

replacement-theology-no-thanks1It’s a new blog (just started in January this year) and hasn’t quite gotten the hang of regular updates, as the author admits. (Of course, I’m the last person who should complain about a lack up updates.) However, it’s also very good and deserves some love–and given that we seem to be writing on the same subject, I thought I’d try to give it some.

Just a small excerpt from the lastest, and quite excellent, post:

I have argued strongly in my previous blog entries that anti-Jewish Christianity has been rife amongst the centuries. . .

But… anyway I am sure Mr. Carson would distance himself from these views, but I wonder, where he thinks that his views stem from. Are they Scriptural, or do they stem from the same anti-Jewish background as these appalling views. It is a question, and I’m not claiming to answer it, and some would say it is appalling to suggest that there could be even be a correlation or comparison. I would ask, isn’t it all from the same mindset? It’s an us-and-them situation. It’s a Jews cannot be Jews and be Christians. They have to refute their heritage, their background, their ethnicity, their RACE.

For many Messianic Jews, being Jewish is to do with identity, it’s a racial belonging and we/they enjoy that belonging. Can you imagine if a black man or woman was told that they could only be Christians if they stopped being black, or more than that, left all their ethnic, cultural identity behind them to fit into a Western, one-size-fits-all style of Christianity? I suspect Mr. Carson and myself would be amongst the first to shout this horrific behaviour down, and we would, lovingly (if possible) rebuke a church’s approach if it so existed. . .

You do not have to celebrate [Passover], don’t worry, you won’t get (nor will any of us) an extra special kind of relationship with God for it. Paul specifically warns against Jewish believers forcing Gentile believers to follow the Law. But you might learn something more of the wonder of God’s love, plan, mercy, and grace if you’d care to see Passover for what it is, rather than what anti-Jewish Christianity makes it seem to be.

The blog’s author (he doesn’t give a name) is obviously still finding his voice, but just what I’ve been able to read over the course of my lunch break has been good. Hopefully, cross-linking from another blog and a bit of traffic will encourage him to continue and to keep on growing and improving. I’m sure he would appreciate your prayer support as well.


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