When RL Gets in the Way of OL

A shofar made from a ram's horn is traditional...
Apropos of Nothing

I’ve been extremely lax in my posting since just the High Holy Days. No, this blog hasn’t been abandoned, nor have any of my projects; however, some things are on hold as we prepare to move from our current apartment and in with some friends who have been gracious enough to open up a basement apartment to us. The move will help to shield both of our families financially from the coming crisis, will get mine a bit further away from the city, and–if things do settle back into some semblance of normalicy–allow us to put aside some real money towards a house of our own.

In order to prepare for this move, I’ve been spending my Sundays over there, helping to clean out our future living space, rearrange the furnature, and so forth. While that’s going on, a huge chunk of my personal study time has been eaten up, so I’m having to prioritize.

The YouTube videos are on hold for the moment, mostly because I’m havng trouble finding quiet times in which to record and edit them. After we get settled in, I’ll get started on that again.

My blogging time has also been cut back on. I’ll try to get at least a good weekly post in, but most of my writing time is focused on keeping up with the Revelation teaching series for Beth HaMashiach (which you can listen to at Cyber-Synagogue if you haven’t heard already) and working on the follow-up to When the Stars Fall.

Hopefully, once we get into December, things will be back to some semblance of normalicy, at least as far as my updates go. Thank you very much for your patience and support.



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