Slow Posting Week

Aged Sign - Slow Children Playing
That’s such a cruel thing to say.

This looks like it’s going to be a slow week posting-wise.  I’ve got to work on my teaching for Saturday, but I’m also doing work on a series of YouTube videos answering an anti-missionary tract by Rick Halpern called Choose Life.  I’m doing that because a) a friend requested that I do an answer to this particular tract a while ago, and b) it’ll give me some practice with audio-visual presentations that will serve me well as I put together an A/V series for my teachings on Revelation chapters 1-5.  The audio of that series can be found for free at Cyber-Synagogue, and parallels and in some cases expands on the material in my book, When the Stars Fall.

Since I’ve not done a YouTube style A/V before, most of my evening hours right now are taken up with trying out various tools for putting it together, doing take-after-take, and putting together the slides that will go with the presentation.  It’s slow going, to say the least.

As I post each presentation on YouTube, I will post the video and script here to make it easy to reference, of course.

Thank you in advance for your patience, and shalom.


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