New Apostolic Reformation and IHOP Summary

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I’d been pondering for a while whether I should post a summary of the New Apostolic Reformation and IHOP’s (International House of Prayer) history and background, especially since I’ve mentioned them a couple of times, but hadn’t had the time to do the research.  Fortunately, Herescope’s latest post just did the hard work for me:

  • IHOP is just one arm of a multi-faceted group (with many names, entities and offshoots) known as the “Kansas City Prophets” that has been around since the mid-1980s.
  • These Kansas City “prophets” are leaders who track a direct lineage back to the old Latter Rain cult.
  • John Wimber became an overseer of the KC group in the late 1980s when their cult excesses became public and controversial, and set them up under his Vineyard denomination.
  • John Wimber was a mentor to C. Peter Wagner and vice versa,[4] and the two of them have a history that tracks back into the mid 1970s at Fuller Theological Seminary where they concocted doctrines together.
  • C. Peter Wagner’s “Third Wave” movement, the predecessor to the NAR, was founded on Wimber’s signs and wonders mysticism.[5]
  • C. Peter Wagner’s “New Apostolic Reformation” was founded on the convergence of the mystical streams of John Wimber, the Kansas City group, and Fuller Theological Seminary.

I do recommend reading the whole post.  I’ll hopefully get some time to do some catching up on my own blogging tonight.


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