Chabad call on whole world to destroy Messianic Jew’s book (via The Rosh Pina Project)

Okay, either Chabad is secretly a Messianic organization dedicated to getting as much attention for the followers of Yeshua as possible, or they’ve never even heard of the adage, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

Either way, I agree with Gev: I’m just going to have to go out and buy a copy of this book that is so radioactively Messianic that just being bitten by it will give one the powers of Messianic-Man.


Chabad call on whole world to destroy Messianic Jew's book Chabad have got so used to being scorned by the rest of the orthodox world for their Meshichistim sect within that last month they have taken to calling for the destruction of a book by Sid Roth. Apparently the book is dangerous because it is "written in a very appealing way". Why would you write a book in a non-appealing way, it defeats the object of writing a book! Not happy with not reading the book for themselves, which of course is everyone' … Read More

via The Rosh Pina Project


4 Replies to “Chabad call on whole world to destroy Messianic Jew’s book (via The Rosh Pina Project)”

  1. first of all let me say i love Hassisim. However they need to focus on their own problems within their community like child molestation, homosexuality, spouse abuse and an abnormally high suicide rate (hovering at about 20%). The only thing The leaders of this movement seemed adament about is not letting any hope reach their community. If i did not know what i know, If i did not see their faces and see the pain so many of them carry in their every day life maybe i woulsld not have such compassion. But we need to pray for them and love them even when they call for our destruction.


    1. I love them too. Spend a little time on this blog and you’ll see that I’ve got pretty much the same position (like here). I honestly think that a lot of their over-the-top behavior in recent months is a sign of exactly the desperation you’re describing. As these scandals come out, it shakes their faith in their rebbes, and so they need to find a way to focus on an enemy “out there.” Messianics make a convenient target, in large part because they really believe this is a Christian plot to “trick” Jews into converting.

      Thanks for your thoughtful response.



  2. Wait a minute! Where did it say that a bite will induce the powers of Messianic-Man?! I want those powers! Will a paper cut work? As dangerous as this book is, it just won’t bite me! Help!!


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