Herescope: IHOP Enters Dominion/Christian Right Politics

"The Honorable Rick Perry (front right), ...
Gov. Rick Perry

As I sit at my desk listening to the sounds of fireworks celebrating the birth of a great nation, I’m also reading the Herescope blog, which I forgot to link to in my post on Thyatira where I mentioned the New Apostolic Reformation.  Here’s the latest news:

Texas Governor Rick Perry, in an historic move that has not taken place in our lifetime, is calling for a National Solemn Assembly called The Response: a call to prayer for a nation in crisis, on Saturday, August 6, 2011, in Reliant Stadium (indoors) in Houston, Texas.

In a letter dated May 18, 2011 inviting the 49 other Governors to join him, Governor Perry cited the book of Joel as the answer for the challenges facing America.[3]

The NAR faithful are shaking the Tea Party trees to fill the stadium. This event is yet another prayer event with a Dominionist agenda: “The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis.” The organizers are dubbing this event “a non-denominational apolitical prayer meeting.” But don’t be fooled. This is common fare for the NAR apostles and prophets in their bid to promote the Dominion Mandate of their apostles and prophets around the world.[4]

Christian Right politicians see this as an opportunity for securing much of the Christian Right vote, as well as politically acquiring access to the on-ground Network (NAR is a network) of the apostles and prophets, which is well organized even to the precinct level across America. There will be prayers, sermons, prophesies, and spiritual warfare to be sure, but there is only one reason for this event and it is Dominionism political activism pure and simple. Gov. Rick Perry may or may not make a run for the White House. But even if he doesn’t it serves the Dominion/Political Mandate of the NAR apostles and prophets and makes them more visual to the Christian Right political base. It garners more influence for them in national politics. And this is the crux of the matter.

via Herescope: IHOP Enters Dominion/Christian Right Politics.

I actually know people involved with the International House of Prayer, so I’m not posting this lightly.  And I know that a lot of my readers are wondering just what’s wrong with a Republican Presidential candidate calling for prayer for an ailing nation.  There are several answers to this:

First, Gov. Perry is not a conservative in the traditional sense of wanting limited government doing its proper role.  He oversaw the death of numerous bills to attempt to strengthen Texas’ southern border, but found time to pass an executive order–bypassing his own state’s legislature–requiring all schoolgirls to receive the Gardasil vaccine for cervical cancer, which is now being marketed as an STD vaccine.  It may be a good idea, but given that it comes with its own side-effects and at least one possible case of causing a horribly debilitating and chronic reaction, shouldn’t that be the decision of the parents?  So much for social conservatism.  (For more information on Perry’s decision and the lobbying connections behind it, read here.)

Second, anytime someone starts citing Joel as their mandate, start digging into what they mean.  Yes, Joel has the promise of the pouring out of the Spirit at Shavuot (Pentecost, for my Christian friends), but when you hear the NAR talking about Joel’s Army, understand that they are talking about the army of locust-like warriors which goes against Israel.  They are the Holy One’s army in the same sense that the pagan Assyrians and Babylonians were, His unwilling and unwitting instruments of justice who would be judged and destroyed in turn, not in the sense of the army behind Messiah in Revelation 19.  Discernment Ministries has an excellent .pdf explaining just what is wrong with this theology and a link to another article on the origins of IHOP.

Joels' Army. Still want to sign up?

Revelation 2 and 17-18 foretell of an incredibly powerful end-time entity which it calls a false prophetess and a harlot–a name given only to a once-faithful body that has turned from the truth into idolatry.  This Harlot will be so powerful that for the first half of his reign, it will actually ride on–read that, “control”–the Beast.  But then, when he has come to the height of his power, he will turn on her with the kings of the earth to destroy her.  I believe that in the NAR and its growing closeness with the Vatican, we are seeing the final form of the Harlot taking shape.  As I’ve pointed out before, this is not fundamentally a Protestant vs. Catholic issue, but an issue of perverting the Good News for the sake of power in this world.

For a long time I wondered why so many Christians who I consider to have discernment see the United States as the Harlot.  As the NAR and similar Dominionist movements take shape here in the country of my birth, it becomes easier to see the connection.  While I still believe that there will be a literal rebuilt Babylon in the Last Days, I also believe that when Mystery Babylon goes down, America will go down with her.

Not the happiest Fourth of July message, but there it is.  Today we’re celebrating the victory our ancestors won against a distant, overweening king.  Let’s not elect another one and so dishonor this day.


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