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As many readers to this blog know, I ran a little experiment with podcasting a short time ago which ultimately petered out because the relatively few clicks on the podcasts did not justify the time it took to produce one.  However, my Sabbath teachings on the book of Matthew have been posting regularly on Cyber-Synagogue.

For the prophecy buffs on this blog, I do have some exciting news.  The first is that I will be teaching on Matthew 24, the Olivet Discourse, next week, and that will of course be posted on Cyber-Synagogue.  The second is that due to popular demand, I will be doing a series on the Book of Revelation after I’ve completed Matthew, probably starting in the first week of June. 

We expect that the sound quality will be far better than what I was able to produce with my limited equipment at home, and I expect that the teaching quality will be a bit better as well, if only due to practice. 

But just as importantly, I will be creating .pdf worksheets to go along with the audio teaching which will have notes, graphs, and discussion questions.  I’m still working out the details, but right now I’m feeling drawn towards creating actual classroom worksheets rather than just teaching notes, which will make the series useful for those interested in leading a Bible study on the subject of Revelation or prophecy in general. 

Of course, for those who want to cheat, there’s always my book.  I may charge a small fee for the .pdfs just to defray the cost of producing and hosting them, but if so they’ll be very inexpensive. 

All of this is Hashem willing, of course.  Prayers are appreciated.


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