Messiah who dies and doesn’t usher in peace (via Daily Minyan)

Time for something a bit more cheery.

I’ve mentioned before my frustration with anti-missionaries who toss aside twenty-plus centuries of tradition in order to argue against Yeshua. Today, Gene Shlomovitch has posted an excellent piece showing that not only was the existence of a suffering Messiah that would appear before the Kingly Messiah posited by the ancient rabbis, but that it is still believed today by many Orthodox Jews.


Messiah who dies and doesn't usher in peace Many detractors of Yeshua as Messiah claim that he didn’t fulfill ANY of the requirements or prophecies to qualify as a messiah and therefore he has failed in his mission and must be then unequivocally declared a “false” messiah.  However, as I will show in my post, this reaction is either purely polemical at its core or simply done out of ignorance . This is because it does not fully take into account (or ignores) either the teachings of our pro … Read More

via Daily Minyan


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