The Other Hate-Fest: Against the Ultra-Orthodox

Gene Shlomovitch recently graced this blog with some of his comments on my posts about the Ashdod protests. Interestingly enough, he included a detail about Maoz Israel’s origins and funding that were confirmed in a completely unrelated conversation that I had over the weekend. I’ll get into that another time, after I do my own digging.

But for today, here’s a post in which he details a phenomenon that I noted in Two Responses to Persecution: The eagerness with which some Christians latch onto what is essentially an intra-family dispute among Jews to attack and slander the Jewish people and Israel as a whole. This sort of behavior is absolutely, utterly shameful, and serves absolutely no purpose but to put the bricks back into the wall that Messianic Judaism is trying to tear down between our people and our King.


The Other Hate-Fest and Ultra-Orthodox in Ashdod, Israel By now, many have read about the the ultra-Orthodox Jews protesting the Messianic congregation in Ashdod. The news about this event has been posted on many Christian websites and blogs, and on some Messianic ones as well. Enough has been said about this topic and I am not going to issue my opinion other than to say the following: it’s my prayer that Jewish believers in Israel 1) will stay strong and strive to represent our Messiah as faithful Jew … Read More

via Daily Minyan


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