Report: Yemeni Muslims Kidnap Jewish Child as Pressure Tactic

Yemeni Jews and Muslims

This speaks for itself:

A young Jewish boy was kidnapped in Reida, Yemen on the Sabbath, according to the Yemen Post. The child was reportedly taken hostage in an attempt to force the local Jewish community to forgive a terrorist killer.

The kidnap victim has been identified as eight-year-old Yamin Ameran Al-Nahari.

Sources told the Yemen Post that the kidnapping was linked to the 2008 murder of Moshe Nahari, a Torah teacher and leading member of the Jewish community. Nahari’s killer, local Muslim man Abed el-Abdi, called out “Jew, receive the message of Islam” before shooting him.

The kidnappers are hoping to pressure the Jewish community into publicly forgiving Abdi, which may convince the courts to commute his sentence to a fine.

via Report: Yemeni Muslims Kidnap Jewish Child as Pressure Tactic – Jewish World – Israel News – Israel National News.

There are well-meaning Christian groups that make it their mission to highlight the persecution suffered by Messianic Jews in Israel.  I’ve said before and will say again that such persecution does happen, and we need to be in prayer for the Body of Messiah in Israel, but that the societal pressures put on Messianics in Israel don’t hold a candle to the persecutions suffered by Jews and Christians elsewhere in the world.  I think the Yemenite Jews would agree.

Keep this child and the Yeminite Jews in your prayers.  In particular, pray that the Holy One will open up a door that they may make Aliyah to Israel.


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