A Hopeful Word for Tunisia: “I will bless those who bless you . . .”

Coat of arms of Tunis
Coat of arms of Tunis

I came across this bit of interesting background on the Israel Matzav blog:

Only 90 miles from the southern tip of Italy, this small North African country was the sole Arab state to suffer a full-fledged German occupation during World War II. I have visited the places where SS officers rounded up Jews and sent them to concentration camps.

Yet Tunisia was also where I found the most stories of Arabs protecting Jews during the war. As in Europe, these Muslim rescuers were ordinary people performing extraordinary acts – like the Tunis bathhouse owner who hid a Jewish man in his hammam or the Mahdia country squire who sheltered two dozen Jews on his farm. This moment in Tunisian history – which had a much happier ending for Jews than did events on the other side of the Mediterranean – gives hope that the current chaos will end reasonably positively.

I think that bit of history gives us even more reason to pray that the people of Tunisia will be blessed from above as they struggle to rebuild their government and their lives, and that they will not fall into the hands of the Islamists who would bring about a new Shoah if given a chance.



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