There’s No Podcast Like New Podcast

Due to my illness this week, I didn’t get a chance to record a new When the Stars Fall podcast as usual, for which I deeply apologize.  Fortunately, Rabbi Gavri’el had me unexpectedly covered.

We have for some time saved and archived our weekly teachings at Beth HaMashiach through our companion site, Cyber-Synagogue.  Unfortunately, we started running into technical difficulties some months ago and found regularly updating the site to be extremely difficult.  However, baruch Hashem, Rabbi Gavri’el was able to find us a new server so that we could update the audio.  He has not been able to retrieve all of the teachings that we missed updating in 2010–some of which were sadly lost forever due to software issues–but he has updated all of our teachings so far for 2011.

It is also our plan to get good, solid recordings of our whole liturgy recorded so that those who are unable to find a Biblically-sound Messianic synagogue in their area can participate in ours.  We are discussing the possibility of even doing live broadcasts over the internet so that people could join us (virtually, of course) in real-time instead of having to lag a week behind on the teachings.

I have been teaching a series on the book of Matthew, going a chapter a week, for our shacharit (morning) service, which is aimed at those who want to know more about the Jewish roots of their faith and how that affects our understanding of the New Testament, but who aren’t ready for the culture-shock of a full Jewish synagogue service.  The last four weeks of teachings, covering Matthew 11-14, can be found here.  I know that at least a couple of weeks’ worth of teaching were lost, but if possible I will see if we can put up what we have back to the beginning of the book.



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