A Leak That Isn’t Really a Leak

Har Homa neighbourhood, Jerusalem
Har Homa neighborhood, Jerusalem

Well, the tubes are abuzz with the latest leak out of the Palestinian government, claiming that they were negotiating in good faith with Israel over several neighborhoods, but were keeping it quiet from their own people.  And as with any leak, the big question is, who is the source and who benefits?  Does the leak come from one Palistinian group trying to embarrass a rival?  Does it come out now to embarrass Israel into a more difficult negotiating position?

Well, the truth is that there is nothing new about the information in this “leak.”  From the Israel Matzav blog:

In supposedly earth-shattering news, both Al-Jazeera and al-Guardian have reported that the ‘Palestinians’ offered to let Israel keep all of the Jewish suburbs of Jerusalem except Har Homa (population 9,331, or about as many Jews as were expelled from Gaza five and a half years ago, most of whom still have no place to live). The ‘Palestinians’ are denying the reports. . . .  They can deny it all they want, but much of this has been reported before. In fact, it was reported more than a year ago.

JPost also reports that the ‘Palestinians’ put forward a proposal under which they would get 98.1% of Judea and Samaria.

In response to the claim that this leak is damaging for Israel:

I disagree.  I don’t think any of the ‘Palestinian’ concessions here are so earth shattering – they’re largely in line with what most people expected. And I don’t think anyone will see Israel in a bad light (except those who already do, which unfortunately is much of the world), because there is so much we are already conceding here, and because what’s left unsaid is who put a stop to the 2008 negotiations. We all know the answer to that last question: The ‘Palestinians’ stopped them when Operation Cast Lead started.

Short version:  While the anti-Israel left may try to use this to blame Israel for negotiations falling apart, don’t let them.  It simply doesn’t hold water.



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