New Podcast: Rabbis Hillel and Shammai and the Eighteen Measures

Ever notice that the Pharisees seem to have a schizophrenic relationship with Yeshua?  On the one hand, they keep inviting Him over for dinner, warn Him when Herod takes and interest, and many even speak up for Him in the councils, but on the other hand the Gospel accounts keep talking about their attempts to discredit and then kill Him.  Or could it be that the Pharisees weren’t schizophrenic–they were divided into opposing camps?

In this week’s podcast, we look at the differences between the schools of Rabbi Hillel and Rabbi Shammai and delve into a terrible event that took place a generation before Yeshua’s birth, but which sent aftershocks right into the midst of the book of Acts and the epistles of Paul:  The passage of Eighteen Measures in a night of violence.

Tomorrow, we’ll also post the first in a weekly series giving more details about the Eighteen Measures and their ramifications, which will include the notes and research that went into the podcast.

My special thanks to Bereans Online, which first called my attention to the existence of the Eighteen Measures and their impact on the time of the Apostles. My thanks also to Rabbi Telushkin, whose excellent recent book on Rabbi Hillel pulled together a lot of information used here.



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