Wikileaks on Hamas, the PA, and Egypt

Map of Israel, the Palestinian territories (We...
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From WikiLeaks, this time via YNet:

The document, written at the beginning of June 2009, notes that Barak said the PA was weak and had no self-confidence. He added that then US Security Coordinator for Israel and Palestine General Keith Dayton was trying to improve PA confidence. The defense minister added that Israel had consulted Egypt and the PA before the operation [i.e. Operation Cast Lead] against Gaza began, according to the document. Barak asked whether Egypt or Fatah were willing to take over control of the Gaza Strip after Israel’s expected victory over Hamas, but received negative responses from both.

The documents also spoke of “Israel’s anxiety regarding its nuclear monopoly in the region, its willingness to attack Iran independently, and its untiring attempts to influence US policy,” none of which are particularly surprising.

So, basically, it seems like Israel–you know, that big, bad, oppresive colonist state that loves to provoke wars to steal more territory–can’t give Gaza away when it tries. When exactly did I fall into a Kafka story?

That the Palestinians are being used by their fellow Arabs as nothing more than a foil against the living insult to Islam that is Israel is nothing new. We noted in the Torah reading a couple of weeks ago that this situation was described by Obadiah well over 2500 years ago. But now it seems that the Palestinians are using themselves, preferring rule by Iran-sponsored Hamas or even anarchy to actually taking up its own supposed cause of a self-governing state. As one poster on FreeRepublic noted, “Abbas’ refusal to govern Gaza demonstrates the absurdity of the peace process.”

Indeed. This latest leak is just one more proof that the “piece” process is about attacking Israel, not supporting Palestinian self-determination.



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