Yeshiva, Part Beit

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We’ve gotten some more inquiries about our yeshiva.  One such inquiry was answered by Rabbi Gavri’el Moreno-Bryars (edited slightly for length and audience):

We have been getting more inquiries about making courses available on-line.  We have thus far resisted this as it would compete with MBI Yeshiva and make the Yeshiva more exposed to the very deceptive practices mentioned with the prior “Rabbi” at Dr. Hargis’s Congregation.  . . . [W]e only teach our own members and require face to face communication. . . .

As always we are constantly adding and changing to fine tune the courses.  Our last class started with 22, 2 Graduated as Rabbi’s, 3 as Moreh’s and the rest either dropped out or did not complete.

In a nut shell, we are very pleased with HaShem’s direction and really do not seek outside accolades.  Our focus on our Jewish brothers and sisters and living a authentic Jewish lifestyle within the greater Jewish Community while maintaining our trust in HaShem’s Messiah.  Thus far our acceptance in the Community has been mostly positive and we are building relationships with our deeds, not just words.

My apologies to those who may be disappointed.  We do greatly appreciate MBI’s program and Rabbi Gavri’el has stated for the record, “I greatly value my time at MBI.”  Those looking for online courses would do well to contact them.  Those in the Atlanta area who wish to undergo a face-to-face program may contact Rabbi Gavri’el through our main synagogue website.  Please be aware that we require a certain amount of basic knowledge about Messianic Judaism as a prerequisite to entering the yeshiva, so a Bar/Bat Mitzvah course and/or intermediate yeshiva courses may be required first at the senior rabbi’s discretion.

We hope that answers everyone’s questions, and I’ll have another podcast as soon as the .mp3 finishes uploading.



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