Back Online

Well, that was a nice vacation from the web (other than having it at work).  Next time, hopefully I’ll have some warning so I can prepare some posts in advance.

I’ll see about posting something more substantial shortly.  Thanks for your patience–and that includes Von, who has been waiting all weekend for a reply, I know.  :)



6 Replies to “Back Online”

  1. Oh, I’ve been OK. Spent some time preparing for this Sunday… we are covering Acts:21, which has some interesting issues law/jewish/gentile wise. Wish you could have been there :) Many questions concerning the Nazarite vow.


    1. You might find this interesting, if you haven’t seen it already: Acts 21: Paul’s Nazrite Vow .

      I meant to write back earlier today, but the wife and I were checking out a house we’re interested in buying and getting an initial estimate on the repairs it needs. It looks pretty solid, so we’re going forward with a bid. Prayers are always appreciated.

      Shalom from your brother.


  2. I not only saw it, I emailed my elder the link in preperation for this sermon.

    It was interesting.They were not willing to go nearly as far as Calvin or Matthew Henry in (practically) condemning Paul and James, but neither were they able to really ‘bit the bullet’ as far as the Jewish/Gentile difference vis a vis the law, or the continuing validity of the law vis a vis all men.

    Wish you had been there. Besides, we could have kept up our other discussion :)


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