Science Backs the Bible

. . . on Relationships.

Normally, when you see that kind of title in a Messianic’s or Christian’s blog, you expect some kind of diatribe about Creation vs. Evolution, or archaeological support for the historicity of the Scriptures. In this case, though, I’m posting this as a “take that” too all of my secular friends who have for years told me that living together first makes for better marriages.

Per Science Daily: “University of Denver (DU) researchers find that couples who live together before they are engaged have a higher chance of getting divorced than those who wait until they are married to live together, or at least wait until they are engaged. In addition, couples who lived together before engagement and then married, reported a lower satisfaction in their marriages.”

Read it and weep. Or celebrate, if you already knew that. Pardon me, I have to go clean the schadenfreude off my keyboard.

(Hopefully, said friends will take the ribbing well.)



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