Wars and Rumors of Revolutions

I noted a week ago that the best chance the West has of forestalling a world war in the Middle-east is to support Iran’s internal revolution. Today, Caroline Glick has noted several indications that a change of government in Iran may be gaining steam, including:

  1. The bazaar, the commercial center of the country, has apparently abandoned the regime by going on strike just as it did the shah in 1970.
  2. Iran is facing cuts in its food and fuel subsidies, which will certainly trigger mass protests.
  3. There is growing disatisfaction with the regime in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps itself, leading to the regime replacing many older members.
  4. Irrational crackdowns on domestic freedoms, such as the mockable ban on mullets and purges of “Western influences” in education.

Glick also notes, as we did, the clear signals being sent out by the Arab states that they cannot tolerate a nuclear Persian state, and the signals being sent out by Iran’s proxies around Israel that they are anticipating an attack (which was also noted today by WND). Russia continues to pull away from Iran, at least publicly.

Glick takes the position that with the U.S. pretty much dropping the leadership ball, kicking it over the fence, and walking away, the time is right for Israel to exert itself in the region and better its strategic position. I certainly have no objection to that, but the decision that Netanyahu faces is still unenviable: Sit back and hope for a revolution in Iran while risking it reaching the point of being able to deploy its weaponry, or attack to try to take out the nuclear threat, and risk not only the Iranian people, but the Muslim Middle-east, rallying around the Iranian regime against an outside foe.

Personally, I’m praying that the Holy One will bring Iran’s internal revolution to a head faster than anyone could anticipate. I hope that my readers will join me in that prayer: “He who makes peace in His heights, may He make peace upon us and upon all Israel, even swiftly and soon, and say Amen.”



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