“I Will Bless Those Who Bless You . . .”

One of my very great concerns with the current American administration’s dealings with Israel has honestly always been the loss of the Holy One’s blessings on this country. Let’s be clear about this: America deserves judgment, and we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg as far as it being carried out. We have worshipped graven images–both figuratively and, incresingly, literally–we have sacrificed 40 million children to the gods of convenience and self-indulgence, we have called evil good and good evil, we have oppressed the widow and the orphan, refused justice to the poor and needy in favor of those who have the money to hire the most lawyers. We have become the primary exporters of everything the Holy One abhors. We deserve everything we’re going to get.

The question that has so often been asked by many of my Sunday-brethren is why the judgment has been so long in coming. The answer, many presume, is that it has been forestalled by our continuing support of Israel. It is entirely possible that God gave us an anti-Israel President to prepare the way for His judgment.

So I have to admit that I found comfort in an observation in an article on Arutz Sheva. The article as a whole concerns the sudden and dramatic changes in the poltics of the nominally left-leaning American Jewish community, but this paragraph was the one that caught my attention:

If Obama attempts to impose a settlement on Israel prior to the November elections, it will give the Republicans a stick with which to hit him. American support for Israel is running at all-time highs, with 64% supporting Israel according to Gallup vs. 18% sympathy for the Palestinian Arabs.

The article points out that Evangelicals comprise about 28% of the population. One of the big fears among my Israeli friends is that American support is based primarily on Evangelical beliefs about the End Times. The concern is that when what they see as a prophetic fad passes, American support for Israel will dry up. As the Gallup poll shows, American support for Israel is far broader than commonly assumed.

The question is, is the support as deep as it is broad? A deep support will survive the coming birthpangs; a shallow support will dry up quickly in the burning heat.



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