Acts 15: The Defining Chapter, Yes. A Stand-Alone Chapter, No.

Rabbi Derek recently posted a blog entry that perhaps best encapsulates one of the two major differences between the Hashivenu Movement and Conservative Messianic Judaism: The relationship between Gentile believers and the Torah. Rabbi Derek believes that Gentile believers are exempt from what he calls “commandments of special holiness for Israelites such as circumcision, dietary restriction, Sabbath, fringes, and holy days.” It is the belief of the Union of Conservative Messianic Judaism that “There is to be one Torah and one ordinance for you and for the alien who sojourns with you” (Num. 15:16). It is further our belief that while Rabbi Derek is correct that Acts 15 is a pivotal chapter in Scripture, he is incorrect in interpreting it as if it were a stand-alone chapter.

Read the rest of the article at Conservative Messianic Judaism.



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